Crypto is peak Silicon Valley

The Allen Farrington piece on Sequoia’s investment in FTX and hyping of SBF is hilarious.

Moral of the story:

Next time somebody says they don’t read books, don’t make up a mumbo jumbo explanation why that makes the person a next-level genius. Take it instead as confirmation that the person is a fool.

“Wouldn’t someone with IQ points to spare realize that dismissing books — all books — as essentially worthless might rile a writer? Was he playing with me? Is this fun? Is this humor? I’m satisfied with my meta-analysis until I realize that one can always increment the level of strategic play in this sort of game. It’s like poker. Level one is just thinking about how to strengthen your own hand. Level two is thinking about what your opponent’s hand is. Level three is thinking about what your opponent thinks your hand is. And so on. And, since SBF is obviously a genius, I should simply assume that, compared with me, SBF will always be playing at level N+1. Which makes my analysis of the intent behind SBF’s “books are for losers” idea spiral into infinity and crash, like a computer program stuck in a loop.


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